Whether this is your first move or second or third you still have this feeling of, “now what?” Not knowing what to expect after the U-Haul pulls away is a common feeling. But we’ve found that these steps have been essential to falling in love with my new home:

1) Unpack as soon as you can – The abundance of boxes may keep you in a high-stress moving mindset and sifting through them day after day could be time-consuming. We recommend that you unpack as soon as possible for the sake of convenience and comfort. Now, that your room is free of boxes, it will feel like your space. 

2) Display your style – Decorating your space with candles, plants, and pictures quickly will help you feel at home after you unpack. Whether you have a small or large budget for decorating, it makes a huge impact; infusing your space with decorative elements that reflect your personality and interests will surely incite feelings of comfort and make the house feel more like your own.

3) Explore your neighborhood – Take the time to get acquainted with your new stomping grounds, you might discover how easy you could get to all of the places that may bring you convenience. This should help you fall in love with your neighborhood.

4) Celebrate with friends and family – Hosting a housewarming party will provide you with a distinct purpose for getting your new home ready and clear deadline to finish. While it’s a good idea to provide yourself with ample time to prepare your home post-move, a looming deadline will surely kill any possibility of procrastination.

If you’re planning on buying a new home in Minnesota or anywhere else, we hope these tips help you fall in love with your home right away!